Quality Control

AMG Global has a system of quality control to ensure that AMG Global and its personnel comply with professional standards, regulatory and legal requirements, and that reports issued by AMG Global are appropriate in the circumstances.

AMG Global's quality control manual ("QCM") was developed based on International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC) 1. The QCM contains policies and procedures that address each of the following matters:

  • Leadership responsibilities;
  • Professional requirements;
  • Acceptance and continuation of clients engagements;
  • Engagement performance;
  • Human resources; and
  • Monitoring.

A Senior Partner is responsible for implementation of the Firm's quality control policies and procedures.

Engagement partners are responsible for implementing engagement level quality control requirements in line with the Firm's quality control policies and procedures.

All professional employees of the Firm receive regular training on various technical matters to ensure that they stay up to date with developments in their service practice areas, and the profession, among others.