Operational Structure


Operationally, we are structured into sector-based Lines of Business (LoBs), which allow us to develop intensive industry knowledge in respect of each LoB.


By organising ourselves along LoBs, we have developed specialist skills in respect of each service area, tapping into industry-specific knowledge. This specialisation gives us a competitive edge in our technical know-how and service delivery to our clients.


  • Financial Services (FS)
  • Media, Information, Communications and E-business (MICE)
  • Government, Infrastructure Development and Tourism (GIT)
  • Industrial and Consumer Products (ICP)
  • Energy and Natural Resources (E&NR); and
  • Retail and Others (RO)

Service practice areas

The Firm is also structured into service practice areas that are headed by specialists who are responsible for developing service practice charters as well as imparting their technical know-how to their subordinates and other personnel assigned to work with them and the Firm as a whole.